Dads in Bands

Support these drug free dads and moms as they embarrass their kids with their old-people music!

Eric Scobie, drums- Great Reversals– Detroit
Rafael Aquino Dongon, bass- Unrestrained– Portland, OR
Jordan Poe, vocals- Home 276/423, VA/TN/NC
Chris Zusi, guitar- Floorpunch– New Jersey
Nick Anchorheart, guitar and vocals- Sea Wolves – Santa Cruz
Dave Smalley, guitar, vocals- Down By Law– Worldwide
Sarah Kuretzky, lyricist- Nobletruth– Denver/Detroit
Robert Fish, vocalist- Resurrection– USA
Mani Mostofi, vocalist- Racetraitor– USA
Chad Rapper, drummer- Decline– Chicago

Living off the Royalties:
Erik Lee, bass- Boris the Sprinkler – Green Bay, WI; Wesley Willis Fiasco– Chicago
Daud Scott, celebrity guest vocals- Amenity, San Diego
Mr. Issa, vocals- Good Clean Fun– D.C.

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