My Mental Health Progress Report for March, 2018

x 4.5.18

Synopsis: March started off horribly due to a pervasive illness and ended really well. It reminded me how closely my mental health is tied to overall physical health.



Weirdest thing we saw in March: The giraffe on the left repeatedly licking the butt of the giraffe on the right

Seeking Resources on Mental Health B from an A


I rescheduled counseling appointments and ended up not seeing anyone all month. I began reading more of my Irritable Male Syndrome book and found myself nodding along with many of the anecdotes.

Purposeful Work B from an A

I missed a lot of work in March due to illness and our spring break. While I’m in a good routine with housework, I didn’t do much fulfilling work outside of my job.

Hobbies C- from a B

I published an interview and a blog piece, but didn’t branch out into anything new or engage in any familiar hobbies.

Light Exposure still a B

I got outside a bit more than in February, but started waking up later and missing out on the light box time in the mornings.

Sleep B from an A

I’m adjusting to a little bit later of a bedtime routine. The mornings are coming a little sooner.

Meditation B from a D

I’m getting a little bit in on the weekdays and a little more on the weekends.

Reducing Rumination B from an A

Most of the month was good, although some unkind things said about several of my family members weighed heavily on me for about half a week.

Regular Medical Care still an A

I saw a specialist in Milwaukee who prescribed a new treatment for my exercise-related allergic reactions. Unfortunately, there’s been some miscommunication between that clinic and my home clinic. I’m hoping to get things started this month, but things are up in the air right now.

Socialization still a C

I made it to some coffee time, several political events, and a Steve Earle concert. The concert felt like a religious experience- the thought occurred to me that singers and musicians are really angels on Earth. The twice-weekly hang-out routine that helped so much in January has definitely fallen off.

Exercising still a C

I lift weights almost every day, but aerobic exercise is pretty much off the table.

Nutrition A from a B

I’m in a pretty good routine of non-inflammatory, high-nutrition eating.

Making Family Time Count still a B+

Although the first half of the month was rough, we did end up doing a lot of good things with our kids, including an out of town trip to a museum and a zoo.  We also spent some quality time with our parents on several occasions.

Overall Grade C from a B
I’m glad I don’t spend half of every month physically ill. I expect March to be an outlier in an otherwise positive 2018.

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