Robert Fish Interview is up

X 8.13.16

rob fish 108 micRobert Fish, vocalist for 108, Resurrection, Release, and The Judas Factor contributes a short interview regarding race and hardcore.

Before I go any further, this is not a hit piece on Civ or Gorilla Biscuits. We do go into the monologues, but Robert has openly stated he has no contempt for them, and that his words during the Turning Point set were not a dig at Civ.

Initially, I wrote a long interview for Robert- partly about music, partly about racial issues, partly about politics, and partly about family. It was, admittedly, a little sprawling. Robert gently but firmly agreed to take on a smaller piece of the interview. In defense of my labyrinthine writing, I was in the middle of a fever and some other unpleasant side-effects of a summer flu while writing up the questions. Plus, I’ve really like Robert’s music since I first heard 108’s Threefold Misery back in the 90’s. Plus, being nosy is one of my flaws.

I believe Robert is a key factor in creating a better dialogue about race within the hardcore community. Narrow as it is, this is a community I believe has great potential to change the world. (Just look at how many vegan options there are nowadays compared to the 90’s. And, also, CM Punk!) Robert’s monologue at This is Hardcore 2016- kind of a modern day Beatitudes with a liberal dose of F-Bombs- served as an inspiration that drew people together during the midst of infighting and bitter feelings. I believe his interview on this site will help further the healing.

And if Robert ever decides he’d like to wax philosophical on art, national politics, fatherhood, or the best restaurants for vegan decadence, I’d like to extend an open invitation for further interviews.

Now, until you get your hands on an old copy or a reissue, enjoy one of my favorite hardcore albums via the magic of YouTube. Remember to buy a copy- everything sounds better on a stereo!



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