Drug Free Dad is a project of a father and teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I interview other drug-free dads and moms, and other people doing cool things. Although I come at the project with a background in punk music, specifically vegan straight edge and other socially conscious art, I hope the site is welcoming to all. There is a vegan food and wellness component, an interview section, and my personal blog.

I am always looking for new people to connect to. I hope you will contact me at drugfreedad@gmail.com and share your stories on this site.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Mark. I’m 29 yrs old I live in Clarksville, TN and I’m a straight edge father of 2 beautiful kids. I have a very powerful story to tell about why I became straight edge and what it means to me in my daily life. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to hear. ( xcov3rt1x1985x@gmail.com)


  2. I am a family service worker from Carrizo Springs, Texas ….. I am sending out 102 brown bags for our fathers to color and come up with an idea with their children about drug free. I believe our fathers are so busy and tired when they come from work that this little precious time they send with their children with be very rewarding to the child and father. We have 102 children in our head start. Kids Are First.

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