Signing Off

X 4.20.22

I started this site on my eldest son’s birthday in 2014. In a couple ways, it seems fitting that I end its run on April 20, 2022. First because it’s the eve of my middle son’s birthday. Second because, well, 4/20.

It’s been a pleasure to meet people through interviews and emails. It was a special challenge and pleasure to work on both the Racetraitor oral history project and the multi-interview piece on Islam and Hardcore.

But, since adding a third son and a couple dogs to the mix, it’s become clear that I no longer have the capacity to do this site the way I did when it felt more vital.

I aim to be a committed husband and father, a good teacher, and an active participant in my community. Ironically, the biggest thing I did recently in my community was to lead the effort to effectively decriminalize marijuana use and possession of small amounts. I’m still not into partying, but after dealing with intense chronic back pain, I developed very personal reasons for wanting people to have access to non addictive pain relief options. (Not to mention the abject inequities present in arrest rates for marijuana.)

For those who have been readers, thank you. I wish you good health and happiness.

X xdfdx X

It’s a new day.