My Mental Health Progress Report for February, 2018

X 3.2.18


We might not have real mountains in Wisconsin, but we can do a great job of pretending.

I suppose while I’m laid up in bed another day with some mystery bug, I should crank out another one of these mental health reports. Kinda feels like a chore, but it also keeps me honest and reflective. If you’d like to check out the 2017 reflection post or January’s report, feel free to click.

Seeking Resources on Mental Health (steady at an A)
I really enjoyed my energy work appointment and will be going back at least a few more times. I’ve strayed from reading self help books, but am keeping up with counseling. I made an appointment with a specialist to try to delve more into exercise related allergic reactions. Exercise is a big missing piece right now.

Purposeful Work (still an A)
I’ve been assigned some new meaningful tasks by my excellent boss and I have really continued to enjoy what I do on a daily basis.

Hobbies (B from a D)
I’ve written some riffs and will hopefully be jamming with the band again soon. I finally published the piece on Islam and Hardcore. The men who I interviewed are so flipping smart. Go read it. I also joined my wife in a gun legislation rally she co-organized and at Fair Maps/anti-gerrymandering event, for which she’s been a state leader over the last year. I also took my eldest to a Bernie Sanders rally.

Light Exposure (still a B)
I’ve been getting outside a little bit more, and using the light box a little less.

Sleep (A from a B+)
I’ve hit a good pattern of enough sleep each night. Usually, I’m still up in time to read and get some laundry and dishes done before making breakfast and getting the kids and myself ready for school.

Meditation (D from a B+)
This kind of fell off a cliff for me and I’m not totally sure why. I may need to add this as part of my daily schedule so I don’t skip it.

Reducing Rumination (still an A)
Negative thought patterns, be damned!

Regular Medical Care (still an A)
Sent in for a bunch of lab work. Actually went to the doctor when the rest of my team at work told me I needed to get the hell out. Finally made an appointment with an out of town specialist after sitting on the referral for almost a year. Saw a chiropractor for the first time in a long time, mostly due to me pretending I had any business being on a snowboard.

Socialization (C from a B)
Illness and other things popped up to foil plans of getting together. But, a birthday party for one of my best friend’s daughters led me to spend some great time with my oldest son. We ended up hitting a sledding hill three times in February. I had never taken him to one before. I even dusted off my snowboard (and subsequently threw my neck out of whack). It was such a good time, I’m a little bummed at the warm weather.

Exercising (still a C)
Getting out in the snow with my boy was great. But, it also led to another allergic reaction. So, we’ll see if I can get that figured out soon. Lifting weights in the basement and doing a few yoga poses is about all I can do without triggering something weird.

Nutrition (still a B)
Diet’s staying pretty healthy and low in sugar. I reduced my intake of venison- there’s still something difficult about meat for me. I continue to wean off of certain supplements. My wife has been making a lot of delicious, healthy food.

Making Family Time Count (still a B+)
I’d like to thank the Republic of South Korea for putting on a kick-ass Winter Olympics. We spent a ton of family time admiring the athletes. My boys enjoyed performing their own figure-skating feats on the basement floor. But, we all need to get outside more

Overall Grade (still a B)
I’m feeling well and I can pinpoint some areas for improvement. So far, 2018 is off to a good start.


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