Islam and Hardcore

X 2.28.18

I am happy to finally share this group interview with several members of the hardcore music community who ascribe to the Islamic faith. Most of the interviews were conducted between July and September of 2017, but as I mentioned in a prior post, a lot of creative things ground to a halt for me during the second half of last year. I am truly inspired by the thoughtfulness of the interviewees. I have learned something new each time I’ve read through the interview.

Thank you to Sean Muttaqi, Daud Scott, Tomas Hubbard, Brent Decker, and Dawud Khuluq for participating in the interview, and to Mani Mostofi for some constructive feedback. Some of the folks interviewed here are still involved in making or distributing music. Here are some links if you’d like to follow up:

Sean Muttaqi- Vegan Reich

Tomas Hubbard- Carry The Weight Records

Brent Decker- Racetraitor

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