Addicted to Sugar

X 10.31.15

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. But, at some point, I really have to acknowledge that the associated sugar is just a legal form of crack and start eliminating it from my body and my household.
I’m not exaggerating about sugar’s prevalence and control over (most of) us. It’s as addictive as cocaine, and there seems to be quite a bit of evidence that sugar, like animal product over-consumption and drug abuse, is linked to cancer rates. Maybe we can figure out a way to give kids something different on birthdays and our favorite Christianized pagan holidays. Maybe bars and concert halls can serve something besides alcohol and soda (I’m pulling for overpriced craft kombucha). Maybe pigs will fly (away from hog farms). Maybe I won’t need my morning coffee to function like a decent human being. A sober, vegetarian school teacher can dream, can’t he?

On a loosely-related note, I love this song and listen to it on repeat every Halloween. 


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