Addicted to Smart Phones

X 9.7.15

Do you feel that pull as you lie in bed, as you sit with your family at dinner, as you drive to work? That desire for electronic companionship in the form of a small screen lit by melatonin-blocking blue light? I do.

This iPhone I bought a year ago instantly became an object of fixation for me. It’s not only occasionally damaging to my familial and social interactions, it can be dangerous, too. So far, I’ve been lucky enough not to have injured anyone because my eyes were glued to my screen. But, if I don’t take some steps to stem this growing demand on my time and attention, I’m guessing I could go down that road pretty easily. I’m going to share a good article about what to do when driving. My wife discovered this Momastery blog, and it’s full of excellent ideas for families. Here’s a link to what the author¬†wrote about smart phones and driving. Huffington Post picked it up. (Spoiler Alert: she recommends throwing it in the glove box while you’re behind the wheel.)

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