In Memoriam

X 11.4.15

It doesn’t feel like a full year since my grandmother died. My grandparents were such a huge part of my upbringing and my adulthood. They passed on within about 2 months of each other. First Walter, then Victoria.

My father, mother, sister, and I were at her side when she breathed her last. Was it an honor to be there? It felt like an honor. I don’t know that I deserved to be there at her side during the transition from this life into the next. It was a complicated night with feelings I’m still untangling. And, although I had wept at my grandfather’s funeral two months prior, I haven’t really been able to cry since that night in the hospital with my grandma. I don’t know why.

My parents beautifully crafted her obituary, as they did with my grandfather. My grandma was a hero. An iconoclast who didn’t believe women needed to stay in the home if they wanted to attend university or work a challenging job. This is a trait she passed on to my mother. Her legacy is one of providing love and education for children, standing tall for one’s values, and possessing and wielding a quiet strength.

This is the last picture of me with my grandma, taken on the day of my grandfather’s funeral.

My sister caught this moment the day of my grandfather's funeral. I am grateful to her. My grandma has always been a hero to me.

Thank you, Cassi, for taking this one.

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