One Year On

X 8.27.15

It’s been a year since my grandfather passed from this world. His illness and death kicked off a really rough year. He died the morning of my school’s open house. Tonight, on the anniversary of his death, I have an open house at my new school. We went through much illness, death, and stress over the past year. And, in some respects, we’ve come out pretty ragged. In other respects, we are much stronger.

I have faith that meeting the families and kids tonight will signal the start of a much healthier year for myself and my family.

I am excited to embark on a new chapter of my career. I will be teaching at Green Bay’s only Progressive School. For more on the Progressive Education Network, check out their website: For fans of unschooling and homeschooling, I think this is as close as a public school gets to that kind of family atmosphere, highly attuned to children’s interests.

My oldest son starts preschool soon. We are proud of his growth at home, and we are ready to see how he progresses in a new environment.

I wrote this remembrance a year ago: My grandma died about two months later. I think about my grandparents every day. I think they’d be happy to see how we’re doing one year on.

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