Best/Blessed Birthday part 1: family

X 7.13.14 (World Cup Day)

Dedicated to two amazing friends: Addie and Dustin Wescott

My grandfather survived his trip to the hospital on the morning of July 10. This alone was a tremendous birthday gift. He’s not out of the woods, but there is some cause for hope. But, I had even more to celebrate and be grateful for this year. I’ll try to hit the highlights within the next three mini-posts.

I woke up around 6AM on my birthday snuggling with my two year old son in the nursery. I walked into the master bedroom where my wife and 2 month old were already awake. Lindsay jokingly prompted Silas to “Say Happy Birthday to Papa,” and as if on cue, he ripped an audible toot.


Astor Park Pool Time

Waking up as a father of two was the best way I’ve ever woken up on my birthday. I ended up only working a half day and getting to enjoy some beautiful summer weather with the three people I love most.


Jonah picks the first tomato of the year. A little early.


Birthday dinner with the boys. Fajita Republic

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