Health without the Wealth

X 6.13.14

Four years ago, my then-girlfriend and I took a trip to South Africa and Kenya. We were able to enjoy the buzz of Africa’s first World Cup, even though we didn’t have the extra cash to pony up for match tickets.

This year’s World Cup is drawing billions of viewers around the world. And drawing global attention to the poverty and violence rampant in Brazil. VICE has done some excellent work covering drug gangs, corrupt police, and violent militias in Rio De Janiero. It’s worth checking out:

I’d really like to dig into the aftermath of World Cup on struggling places like Brazil and South Africa. See if there is a positive economic impact or not.

Soccer is the one sport I hope my boys really get into. It’s probably the healthiest, with so much constant physical activity. And it’s also a great lifelong sport. It also tends to be safer than some of the other big sports in the US.

Running is another great life sport. Tomorrow, Green Bay celebrates the 38th Bellin Run. It’s one of the largest 10K races in the country. Huge stars of the running world are always present for it. Minor celebrities also take part. I think I beat Jared from Subway one year.

The good thing about soccer and running is you don’t need to have much wealth to be able to enjoy the games. I’ve seen Tanzanian, Kenyan, and Indian kids playing with bare feet and soccer balls made of tied-together plastic bags. And it’s often East Africans from impoverished backgrounds who rise to the top of the running world.

Nothing too profound tonight. It’s the boys’ bed time. Gotta run.

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