Holistic Nutrition Intro- Daud Scott

Holistic Nutrition: Now More Than Ever.

What do we do when we don’t necessarily feel ill enough to go to the hospital, yet not well enough in our daily lives to feel energetic, ward off disease, and have an overall sense of stamina just to be able to deal with the issues that we are faced with? Unfortunately, often times many don’t do anything, and instead just continue with this process in hopes that things will somehow just get better. With that said, more and more people are taking steps to return to the roots of food energy and are looking for natural and preventative measures to stop disease in its tracks before it has a chance to start. Where are these people turning to gain control of their health? They are turning to Holistic Nutrition.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Like a lot of healing modalities, the answer to this question will vary depending on who you ask and under what focus they use to treat their clients. Holistic Nutrition has its roots in the field of Naturopathy, and can be considered a particular healing modality of this practice. Yet even with this, there are some ideal principles that guide this path that are generally agreed upon.

First and foremost, the underlying premise of Holistic Nutrition asserts that the foods we consume are the first and foremost variable when it comes to our health. So naturally, the more vital and nutrient dense foods that we eat tend to guide us to true health and balance; even if we have be genetically predisposed to develop certain diseases. It also holds that the same is true of its opposite: the foods that lack the proper nutrients, and that are deficient of vital life force properties, open the way to illness, disease and unnecessary suffering. According to tenets of Holistic Nutrition: food is literally medicine.

However, it does not stop there. Practitioners in this field understand that the Human Being is a complex and diverse creation. Thus, all aspects of our internal state need to be balanced and refined so as not to disrupt the healing process our bodies engage in daily. It is for these reasons that a Holistic Nutritionist will prescribe periodic meditation, affirmations of a positive thought process, and consistent exercise to complement the path of healing in the individual’s life.

Now more than ever, Holistic Nutrition is needed. We are facing the greatest crisis related to our health that has ever been seen in the history of the Human Being: the foods we eat can literally make all the difference between life and death. It is my hope that whatever your dietary tastes are, we begin to see foods as more than just items we place in our mouths to satisfy a taste, but rather as items that actually create the nutritional and biological makeup of who we actually are.

The good news is that new information and resources such as this one are turning up daily and people are taking charge of their health for the better. By the very fact that you are reading this, it includes you as well. May you be in the best health, vitality and presence: with the best food possible.

Daud Scott-CHNP.