My Three Sons

X 10.30.17

ned holding fad

wearing my ancient lucky Yoda t-shirt, holding our new good luck charm

Due to a lot of factors- poor health, prepping for our new arrival, and welcoming a new baby into our home, I haven’t written for this site in several months.  I have lots of major health and diet changes to write about in a future post, but in this post, I want to focus on the latest huge blessing in our lives.
On Monday, October 9, our third son was born healthy via an uncomplicated labor.
We faced this birth with nervousness bordering on trepidation. The pregnancy was unplanned (the rhythm method totally works… for making new babies) and we weren’t sure how a new little person would fit into our family of four. We had grown accustomed to thinking of our second son as the baby of the family, to the hope of our two boys being lifelong best friends, and to the idea of never needing to upgrade to a minivan. We also had dreams of actually being able to save money for college and retirement. We’ve even felt a sense of impending dread over the health and safety of our global population with all the saber rattling going on between Washington and Pyongyang.
Going in to the hospital, neither of us knew how we were going to feel at the end of the whole labor and delivery process. Would we connect with this little one right away or would it take months or longer to grow to love him?

dorff family of four

This might have been our final picture as a family of four. Summer 2017

Mercifully, when all was said and done- and after I got to catch our baby and my wife, Lindsay, got to cut the cord- we began bonding right away. Even better, our older boys (both of whom had wanted a little sister) fell instantly in love with their new brother. They covered him with caresses, tender hugs, and kind words. And they’ve loved having him home these past few weeks.
I am surrounded by blessings and I am finally getting into the right frame of mind and state of health that I can really feel joy around those blessings (more on that in a post soon). Welcome to the family, little guy. We are so glad you chose us.

dorff family of five









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