Children Of A Weeping God

X 7.8.16

I don’t know if there’s God
But imagine there is.
I don’t know if God cares,
But I’ve heard God called Mother and Father (sons and daughters all are we.)

We murder each other
So we curse each other
So we murder each other

What would become of me,
were our sons to reject lessons of love?

And what would become of you,
mute and impotent,
bearing witness to your flesh and blood
destroying your flesh and blood?

Whose children are we?

I imagine our Mother and Father
broken and weeping.

sunsplash tree

One thought on “Children Of A Weeping God

  1. We are of Him

    Broken, lost, wandering, and scared.

    But His Love Lives.

    It’s in our hearts, buried, hidden and striving to break out

    Of that which we call Free Will.


    We despair.

    We weep.

    We lose faith and fall.

    Yet, if we keep that ember alive,

    If we can hold to that small fiber of hope,

    We will not lose His hold,

    His firm grasp,

    His promise,

    The knowledge that Love will prevail.


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