Try Voting, Wisconsin: It’s good, clean fun

X 4.4.16
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 is Wisconsin’s day to show up and vote for State Supreme Court justice, nonpartisan local elections, and, of course, the presidential candidate we’d like to see advance beyond the primary.

Within less than a week, Hillary Clinton has gone from being a hands-down favorite to having less than a 30 percent chance of winning against Bernie Sanders. It’s been an amazing turn of events, akin to what happened recently in Michigan.  Ted Cruz is almost certain to win on the Republican side, perhaps signaling an end of America’s bizarre love affair with Donald Trump.

Wisconsin hasn’t traditionally been plagued with long voter lines and people being turned away. However, there are predictions that things could get ugly with the Republican governor and legislature shutting down a lot of early voting in Madison and Milwaukee, and with the new voter ID law in place. We’ll have to see what happens.

If you vote in Wisconsin and you are unsure of anything regarding the voting procedures, here is a helpful website called My Vote Wisconsin.

If you haven’t already voted, make some time to get to your polling place. Stand in line with other citizens who give enough of a damn to show up. Thank a poll worker. Get a sticker. Have fun.

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