Ice Bucket Life

X 8.26.14

My animal welfare and water conservation messages may have been drowned out by baby farts, toddler screams, wardrobe malfunctions, and my wife laughing at my attempt to stand on my soapbox. So, this two-minute video pretty much sums up my life as a dad.

In case you don’t catch it, my challenge to drug cartels and tobacco executives is to trade place with the animals locked in cages in research facilities. These big-time dealers have found it profitable to test their drugs on society, and I do believe it would be a nice gesture for them to allow society to return the favor.

I am glad there has been such success in raising money and awareness of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and I would like to chip in to the cause. Unfortunately, I’ve asked the ALS Association three times if I can earmark money for a project other than animal research. They have given me conflicting and confusing answers each time. I’ll keep trying to figure that one out.

Here’s my vid:



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