Bad Anniversary Present

X 6.17.14

In less than 12 hours, I’ll be hitting the road for my solo Canada trip. It happens to be my wife’s and my third anniversary. I can’t imagine a worse present than leaving her alone with our two kids even though I know she has great support.

One thing I’m bummed about is that our 2 month old boy, Silas, has just started smiling and laughing at me. I feel like we’re bonding more every day. And I fear what a 6 day absence will do to our relationship.

Over the past week, I’ve been discussing my upcoming absence with my oldest son. Several times, he has responded to the conversation by saying, “Jonah sad. Jonah crying.”

Tonight, at exactly 9:00, my Jonah sang the ABC’s for the first time all the way through with no help.

Earlier today, he helped me plant watermelon and pumpkin seeds in our greenhouse.

During prayers tonight, I asked God to watch over our family while I am on my trip to Canada. Jonah hugged my face and said, “Jonah’s OK.” I don’t know how he knew, but that was the most reassuring thing he could have told me.

Please check out the interview section. I am happy to announce our second interview. Todd Deckard from Bloomington, Indiana. A drug-free dad of four.

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