Six Years. Goodbye.

X 6.11.14

Today, I taught my final day as an elementary self-contained teacher. Since August, 2009, this alternative special-education position has defined my life professionally.

I’ve sustained concussions, bruised bones, ankle sprains, and various other physical injuries from working with the most violent and mentally ill students in the 300K+ Green Bay metro.

But, those students suffered injuries long before they ever caused any. And the majority -BY FAR- endured and continue to endure the ravages of parental drug and alcohol abuse.

Born addicted, beaten, and neglected. I can personally vouch that these are more than just lyrics to an iconic song. They are the daily reality of America’s (and the world’s) downtrodden children. Children I love. Children I will cry and pray over, and continue to fight and write for. All children deserve a fair shot at life.

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