Sobriety, Nutrition, and The Path to Healing

Sobriety, Nutrition and The Path to Healing

Straight Edge as a social movement has so much more to offer besides the music, the scenery, and the feelings of self-accomplishment. It can also be used as a tool for people who are in recovery. And while the word “recovery” may seem too vague a word to mean something specific, in this case we will use it for those presently dealing with alcohol addiction and those attempting to walk the path of sobriety. For many of us who have been a part of the straight edge movement, the choice to remain drug and alcohol free may have come with little struggle or internal conflict because it naturally seemed like the right thing to do; however we should be conscious of the fact that many people in the movement got involved due to literal life or death circumstances. The choice to be sober for many is so much more than an “X” on the hand and doing a backflip stage dive; it’s a path for lifelong health and a commitment to live life to the fullest without the aid of substances. 1336872929625

As with anything in life there are things that foster growth for a goal someone is trying to attain and there are naturally barriers on the path to that goal. When it comes to sobriety and internal healing, it turns out that healthy eating along with clean nutrition is something that actually helps the person attain and maintain sobriety with much greater results. Proper nutrition helps the recovering addict in so many ways, but simply for the main reason that they are getting their entire vital and full spectrum of nutrients. This is mostly important because it helps to repair and literally heal internal scarred tissue that continuous alcohol consumption produces. In addition to this, when eating clean and healthy foods this can address the lost nutrient content in the body that results from the continuous vomiting that people who struggle with alcohol addiction often deal with. This is valuable because it can rectify dehydration, diarrhea, and quickens the healing process so that they can function properly in their daily lives.

Another way that vital nutrition helps the person on the path to alcohol sobriety is in the way of mood regulation. When someone is going through the detoxification phase, it is a phase and period where they can experience severe mood swings in the process. With a diet of clean, fresh organic fruits, nuts and vegetables; this can offer as a buffer due to the high B-Vitamin and magnesium rich content that these foods provide. Foods high in selenium, calcium and magnesium also play a very critical role in how our nervous system allows us to react to the stresses of everyday life. So naturally when someone is able to regulate and monitor their internal triggers, this serves as platform to reduce the feelings of wanting to consume alcohol emotionally because they have now become empowered and in control of their own life’s purpose.

The key for the best health on the road for sobriety and good nutrition is to ensure that the diet is comprised of micro-nutrient rich, complex carbohydrates, and clean plant based sources of protein. This means eating a fair share of raw or minimally processed fruits and vegetables, organic beans and legumes as well as a good supply of nuts and seeds. The reason for this particular pattern is because it addresses the need for selenium which are found in the nuts and the need for protein which are found in the beans and overall this assist with the detoxification process; which is what the foundations of sobriety are based on. The holistic approach to alcohol sobriety is an approach that is naturally connected with proper food choices. When these proper food choices are linked up at the proper time with the strong will and encouragement to stay sober, this makes the task of treating alcohol addiction all the more manageable. So for those who may be struggling with this and are seeking better results, make sure to take a look at the foods that are eaten, how they are cooked and manner in which they are prepared. If it is necessary make those food changes which can only come as a positive on your road to recovery. All the best of health to you and your loved ones.


Daud Scott is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and is the owner of Natures First Path, a Holistic Nutrition practice. Daud lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son. To learn more about Daud’s approach to health and wellness you can visit him at: