Maintaining Proper Energy and Stamina on a Vegan Diet

Making sure that the average person anywhere throughout the world is eating the proper foods that will charge and keep them energized throughout the days and months is not without its challenges. And when it comes to those who adhere to a fully Plant Based- Vegan Diet, it too is not without its challenges to make sure that the person does not feel drained and without energy on a consistent basis. I would say this is one of the main reasons why many who embrace veganism eventually come to struggle with it; and it usually always deals with this issue of feeling like they don’t have enough internal, Vital Energy.  This is usually happening for several reasons that we will discuss shortly.

Daud at the grill

Daud at the grill

I have treated and worked with both non-vegans and vegans alike and have come to know that this issue of not having true inner Vital Energy is an issue that is happening everywhere. And when it comes to the solution to this it a lot of has to do with not only what we eat but how we eat these items.  When someone embraces a vegan diet many state (and have also experienced) a great surge of energy and optimism in the beginning days and months, then for some reason or another that energy seems to cap and not increase or at times start to feel like the energy is not coming at all; which causes a lot of frustration.  Of course everyone is different and not everyone one who is vegan experiences this: yet this is an issue that being dealt with a lot in the Holistic Nutrition field quite often.  If you have been experiencing low energy it is a good idea to make sure your healing practitioner knows and there are some key things to be aware of that will help you start to get back to that full energy feeling you first experienced in your early days of veganism:

  • You Have to Eat as Clean as Possible.

        There is no doubt that when going vegan, we love the taste of the Plant-Based counterpart item that replaces the non-vegan item. And even though these items are vegan, we still have to watch out for excessive consumption of processed foods as well as excessive protein intake. When these two things are excessive in our diets, it causes our digestive system to tire and wear down over time due to the constant influx of digestive enzymes that have to stay working in order to make sure everything is broken down. To rectify this; at least 50% of our daily food intake as vegans should be raw unprocessed as much as possible. This can be very challenging, yet the payoff is worth it. Vital Life Force energy is inside the raw uncooked natural foods. So juice, blend, eat plenty of fresh leafy greens, nuts, fruits and seeds regularly and you should start feeling like your old self in no time.

  • The B-12 Factor.

      Chronic  B-12 deficiency not only may play a factor into why someone may be experiencing lack of energy, but can also cause some serious neurological issues as well if not monitored carefully. As vegans this is something that we have to pay extra special attention to. Granted, many plant based foods have the full spectrum of B vitamins that we can get, but B-12 is one we have to be on the serious search for.  Hydrilla and Spirulina are sea plants that contain a good amount of B-12 and digest well in the body. Yet if you don’t have access to these, it is very important that you supplement B-12 in your diet at a minimum of 2500 mcg’s per week. Trust me- your mind and nerves will thank you for it later.

  • Superfood Detoxification.

        The human body is always trying to detoxify and realign itself for optimal wellness and healing. There are certain foods that assist with the internal repairing. This internal repairing allows for the food that you eat to absorb properly while at the same time providing natural non-addictive energy that will help you feel better. Here are a list of foods and vitals that you should be consuming regularly as a vegan for continued natural energy and organ detoxification: Maca root, cacao, colloidal silver, beets and beet juice, red grape juice, quinoa, almond milk and whole almonds, pumpkin and moringa powder. Of course this is not an exhaustive list, yet it is a good place to start when it comes to natural ways to get your energy back quickly. The more that we assist our bodies in the detoxification process, the more stamina we can feel on a regular basis.

  • Lymph Node Elimination.

      When there is a lack exercise and vigorous movement within the body, proper drainage of the lymph glands is hard to come by. When the lymph ducts get backed up it causes waste overflow to get into our bodies which causes fatigue, low energy and makes us susceptible to chronic illness.  The vegan should try and make regular and vigorous exercise a part of their diet regimen to keep the stamina and energy flowing. In addition to this I would also recommend using a sauna of any type at least 3 days out of the week to sweat out toxins from the body. This allows the body to heal faster and keep your bones fit and strong as well.

By knowing all of these things it only leads us to the conclusion that accessing true and consistent Vital Life Force energy comes when we embrace veganism holistically. While we all have our particular tastes and  particular bodily issues that are unique to being healthy, putting these 4 things in place in our lives as vegans makes for a better framework to staying fully charged, energized and stamina ready.

With love and health to you and your families for a lifetime.

Daud Scott is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and is the owner of Natures First Path, a Holistic Nutrition practice. Daud lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son. To learn more about Daud’s approach to health and wellness you can visit him at: