A Vegan Approach To Cold and Flu Prevention

A Vegan Approach to Cold and Flu Prevention- Daud Scott

img_7712As we enter into the New Year in these cold winter months, escaping the cold or flu can present challenges if we are not prepared for the new strains of bacteria and viruses that seem to morph and get stronger with each passing year. In general, the key to dealing with debilitating forms of the cold and the flu is first and foremost to be prepared and incorporate eating for prevention months ahead of time before the season of illness even begins. Through no fault of our own, many of us are used to treating a cold or a flu during the onset and while we are experiencing the illness. By that time, the viruses have already taken hold of our organs and respiratory systems. The best way to get an edge on dealing with this is to take a Holistic approach to wellness. This Holistic approach to wellness is a part of a lifestyle that is focused on eating for healing at all times.

Adhering to a Vegan diet has it benefits in this regards because, if eaten correctly, it provides loads of Vitamin C, A, K, iron, magnesium and selenium, all needed to keep the body healthy and in flowing condition. However imbalances can and do occur, even on the Vegan diet. Imbalance may occur because the body cannot not deal with the stresses and high impact of our daily lives. Most of our colds result from the inability of the immune system to perform above and beyond when it matters most. When the presence of germs surround us at almost every turn (i.e., the cold and flu season).  But believe it or not there are ways around this. There are people who have not had a cold or a flu in many years. So just what are they doing that they are escape what comes so common to many people? Are they wired differently?

While it is normal to ask these questions, a big part of the answer is in not just what they eat but how they eat it. The first step in the Vegan approach to cold and flu prevention is to consume our plant foods for their micro-nutrients. This means eating our fruits and vegetables in their most minimally processed forms as much as possible. That’s how we keep the immune system boosted. But this is not something we want to wait on; this writer would say that at the minimum someone should start eating this way 2 to 3 months ahead (if not all year) of the cold and flu season so that the body can adjust and defend properly when it needs to the most.

In addition to this, there are behaviors that seem to have not only shown results in cold and flu prevention with the Vegans the writer has worked with, but have also brought balance to the body for optimal health.  Here are some concrete tools that you can use to gain an advantage over the cold and flu season:

  • Consuming raw garlic cloves and having raw apple cider vinegar with a hint of cayenne pepper daily basis works wonders to boost the immune system as well as assists with the prevention of phlegm and mucus building up within the body. Preventing excess mucus and phlegm is a major part of the early healing process.
  • Using natural non-alcoholic elderberry extract with a combination of natural zinc is a great defense mechanism for cold and flu prevention.
  • Black seed and its oil extract contain enzymes inside that help heal our digestive system. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is half the battle when it comes to giving the immune system more strength.
  • Never underestimate the power of green juicing. When we juice with mostly green vegetables and fruits, this flushes out the toxins and waste matter that reside in our body that are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria.
  • Consider fasting often or at least every once in a while. Our bodies are a well tuned machine and our stomachs need time to rest in order to reboot itself. Fasting is one of the best medicines on Earth.

These tools of Vegan Holistic Health prevention can be implemented today; even if you are dealing with a cold or a flu. When we eat for health and healing, our bodies in turn promote health and healing when faced with a challenge. It is a reciprocal relationship, yet we have to act first. May you all be in optimal health and a state of continuous healing during this time.

Daud Scott is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and is presently pursing his licensure as a Certified Naturopathic Doctor as well as is completing a separate PhD in Alternative Medicine. Daud is the owner of Natures First Path, a Holistic Nutrition practice and lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son. To learn more about Daud’s approach to health and wellness you can visit him at: www.naturesfirstpath.com