Father’s Day Prayer 2016

X 6.19.16

This Father’s Day, I received a power drill, a shiny new shop vac, a card “signed” by both of my boys, an outdoor family reunion day with my fantastic in-laws, and an incredible vegan dinner- “chicken” a la king on biscuits backed with a gluten-free pasta salad and flourless chocolate cake provided by my parents. It was also my anniversary weekend, and my wife and I received a day of child care during which we watched the entire second season of Game of Thrones. All in all, a relaxing, enjoyable weekend, punctuated by a few toddler tantrums here and there and some grumpy over-tired behavior on my part. Oh, and I had a health assessment which showed very low blood pressure. The nurse told me I must be very relaxed. I wish that were as true as she thinks.

Father’s Day seems like an appropriate time to set intentions for the coming year. What follows is my prayer, which I’m sending out to God/The Universe/Myself/My Loved Ones/Whoever May Care to Hear It. mom vegan gf choc flourless cake

Let me be slow to anger.
…Slower than that, please.
Let me not raise my voice toward my children nor anyone else’s children, unless doing so would prevent harm rather than cause it.

Let me be quick to smile and laugh.
Let me take joy in the small moments so that I can send that joy outward to those around me.

Let me be kind.
Not just annoyingly cruelty-free.
Not just kind to the animals I don’t eat, but to the people around me whom I love and depend on.

Let me always act toward others as if I’ve had a good night of sleep, a hearty breakfast, a tall cup of coffee, and a half hour- nay 45 minutes!- alone in the bathroom.