Daud Scott on Black Lives and Hardcore

What do you hear in Civ’s monologue before Degradation?
What I hear in Civ’s monologue in the beginning is what I think may be a sincere attempt to highlight that in 2016, as a society, Racism still plagues us; thus the Black Lives Matter movement. Then bringing in the “All Lives Matter” content. While it is true, I think it somewhat lessens the impact of how serious and dangerous it is to be a Black Man in America as it has always been. And the string of killings just highlights it. Of course all situations are unique, yet these situations have been occurring throughout the history of America for the last 600 years.
Do you see a relationship between hardcore/punk and the Black Lives Matter movement? Do you see a future where people in the punk and HC scene more fully embrace the BLM movement?
I would sat that to some degree, Hardcore and the Black Lives Matter movement share interest. Based on early anti-racist  lyrical content from bands, Human Unity has always been a focal point. Though as a Black Man who has been involved in Hardcore, I don’t think the movement has been as accepting as it has tried to portray itself. When I got involved  in the very early 1990’s, I was fortunate to be with a few others of color to welcome me in. Things seem more progressive and open today, but with a business and family to look after, that takes more priority.
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